The Thrill of the Hair

Dearest Carla Fran,

It’s so funny that you mention Joan, as I optically grope Ms. Holloway every time she’s onscreen myself–did so last night, in fact, when I watched Episode 1 of Season 2 on Hulu. (The photocopier!! And Don Draper has ED! This show just gets better.)

Sadly, my lissome redhead in no way resembles JH. She is a dimply beanpole. I realize that “spectacularly proportioned” might have conveyed a different impression, but in this case the spectacle is height–legs that go on forever, waist the size of my thigh, etc. She’s all fashionable angles without the teensiest bit of meat.

I’m enthralled with your synopsis of The Thrill of it All starring Ms. Day and her character’s upstart pretensions. The storyline reminds me a little of Betty’s attempt to reenter the modeling world on Season 1 of Mad Men. (Speaking of which, can hulu be an alternative to our Netflix Browse Instant column, which I’m strongly in favor of?)

Just thinking of a foam-filled room is making this sweltering day a little more bearable.

Why don’t we stay retro a little longer?

That’s my cousin during her vacation in Cadiz. Everything about this look makes me sigh a little.

Here, in contrast, I’ve had two people ask me–in bars–“So, you’ve decided on the long hair, huh?” I’ve never really regarded growing hair as a decision. I regard haircuts as decisions. But suddenly my hair has crossed some threshold, and people I haven’t seen in a month or two are reacting as if I returned to campus with a buzz cut. Perplexing.

I love Doris Day’s hair. However, not being a blonde, I would settle for straight straight and shiny shiny.

It’s a delight to hear from you every day, dear CF. That is all.




One Response to The Thrill of the Hair

  1. Carla Fran says:

    I hate to say it, dear Millicent, but I don’t know what Hulu is–or rather, how to Hulu…

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