Dear teapot,

The picture of your cousin–the belt, the door, the cigarette.  Masterpiece.

So, I just finished watching season 1 of Madmen last night.  I’m guessing you have fully watched this season? In case not, I won’t go on in this dispatch about my shocks and interests.  But if you have, then I can’t wait to jabber about it.  And I am looking forward to the ED and copy machine events in the future…

I also visited Hulu, and have a better sense of it.  I am afraid of it–all the television I have run across the country to escape is now at my fingertips once again.  Have you let Netflix go for the freesake of Hulu?

On political notes, this open letter to Sarah Palin impressed me, and thought it might be worth reading if you were interested…though it does seem like any argument to Palin is an easy one (I have yet to see her speech from the convention, but do plan on watching it tonight).  I am a big fan of the work National Advocates for Pregnant Women does, so I guess reading this, I am indeed part of the choir (as I’m guessing most perusers of Alternet are). Thematically, I just returned us to the Madmen season 1 finale (and want to again mention how Madmen has a lot in common with The Thrill of it All).

Also, the joys of Sarah Haskins continue over at   This isn’t my favorite, but still is made of gold.

I scrubbed my kitchen today, ran disc cleaner and spybot on my computer, and am trying to do things while not really doing anything at all.  I have ridiculous amounts of free time in my life.  Don’t tell anybody.

What are you up to?



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