Pocketful of Miracles: Instant Replay of Two Scenes

Just to start us off, two scenes that seemed especially noteworthy:

Winning the Prize for Weirdest Exchange:

Joy Boy: “Why should Steve Darcey give the New York territory to Dave the Dude?”
Darcey: “You his mouthpiece?’
Joy Boy: “Call me his doormat.”

The Dude: “All my friends are nine feet tall and all my friends make very bad doormats.”
Darcey (rants for a bit, then): “You’re a big fish in the little pond, but all of a sudden all the little ponds are drying up. That’s where the king comes in… I’m gonna push some of you poor little gaspin’ sharks back into the water. My water. Gonna cover the whole country. Deep water.”
The Dude: “Deep, huh? How deep?”

Standout Crazy-Ass Scene: the fight. (to which I must add [!!!] [??] and yowZA).

  • 0:39: Joy Boy’s trying to hire the agent to protect the Dude.
  • 0:40: Cop Guy: “Mr. B has a touch of malgamary?”
  • 0:41: The Dude runs in, grabs her by the arm and throws her on the bed, all the while brandishing a rolled-up piece of newspaper.
  • They wrestle in a totally unsexy but realistic way, she rolls off the bed. He grabs her shirt and tears it off.
  • “You ain’t walkin’ out on me, Queenie,” Dave the Dude says. “I’m Dave the Dude!”
  • “I ain’t walkin’…” as she crawls away from him to the chair.
  • He grabs her shoe. Flash of knicker.
  • She gets up and heaves an enormous eggplant-shaped lamp at him.
  • Agent guy collects the coins that come out of the slot machine in his hat, plops it on his head.
  • Joy Boy yells at him. He lifts his hat and the coins spill out.
  • Are we supposed to think Joy Boy’s comment that “they’re just playing house” means this is normal?
  • “You owe me one thing, Queenie, and I’m gonna collect, you hear me?” Then he says something about her head that I can’t catch.
  • 0:42–She runs back to the bed and he literally jumps up into the air and on top of her. He’s airborne for a brief moment. He looks like a gazelle.
  • They roll off and out of view.
  • Silence.
  • Joy Boy walks in, says, “Isn’t this place like the inside of a goat’s stomach?”

Maybe the weirdest bedroom scene I’ve ever seen.



3 Responses to Pocketful of Miracles: Instant Replay of Two Scenes

  1. Carla Fran says:

    It took me the entire movie to figure out that the one stooge wasn’t wearing a cops uniform, but that he was a chaffeur!

    These waters–undercurrents indeed!

  2. Carla Fran says:

    I’ll stop–but Joy Boy! The name alone is too much!
    I’ll stop exclaiming. I promise! I’m supposed to be grading papers! But I’m not!

  3. Millicent says:

    ohhhhh! He’s a chauffeur? I thought he was a dirty cop the whole time.

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