TGIF Whoooo!

Dear Millicent,

I am drunk.  It isn’t even midnight yet, but I am skin-tingling yahoo wasted.  It’s also friday night, a good night for drinking as any.  So, as I sipped my margaritas, I watched a reality show where a famous chef swoops in and saves a failing restaurant.  This show pleased me to no end.  Arrogance was curtailed.  Customers were served better food, and a dirty kitchen was cleaned.  In a very television moment, the host, after saving the restaurant, gave the head male chef a diamond ring and told him to propose to his long time business partner and girlfriend.  What was funny was that the guy accepted the order as if the host himself were proposing to him.  Then, when he did ask his girlfriend, and she accepted, the host announced that he arranged for them to be married (gown and tux and all) that night.  I’m not sure if I could think of a worse wedding than getting married after getting off of work. But they were deliriously happy, and, just like Peggy’s pregnancy on Madmen, I wonder, what are life’s big milestone’s like if you have to name and address them in just one day?  I putter and review until I have ground life’s decisions down to garden mulch (chunky, but fairly pulverized).

Also, the debate? I was kinda bored, but felt smart watching and raging between irritated and surprised that one or the other was talking about something that neared something I wanted.

I hope you are well, and absent because your fingers are busy typing your grand thoughts elsewhere.  Come back to me, I miss you.




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