How wonderful to hear your voice/words again.  Welcome back.  I have loftier thoughts, but as usual, will instead discuss food, movies and the delights of distraction.   I had a crud day, one of those where I flop around your house wondering why I am flopping instead of using my mounds of time in better, less floppy, ways.  But then I took a bath.  And then I cooked some bacon.  And now I am watching Funny Girl, and checking my blogs, and then I found this quote from Go Fug Yourself:

So, I was having my usual Monday night — deep-conditioning my hair, watching Gossip Girl, eating delicacies wrapped in bacon, drinking heavily, worrying about my investments, thinking about boys, and catching up on my blog reading —

Ahh.  What a joy to be simpatico.

You in? Dame Streisand and Funny Girl as our next Nitpick/Netflix?

Heavier sundries later, and thoughts on traditional Chinese medicine to come.

How was your Cadbury?



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