Peep Show

Dear CF,

I have binged on Peep Show during this past week, and have watched nearly all of the five series. I find it addictive and pleasant, despite the really quite incredible unattractiveness of the people and lifestyles concerned. I feel like it’s sort of an inverse of the The Office. This is what the show might have been like if the documentarians ignored the office life and followed Ricky Gervais around at home.

That flat is among the dreariest, most depressing and utterly beige things I have ever seen on television. It’s appalling and depressing and yet so nondescript that I can’t call to mind a SINGLE feature of their living room. The kitchen is more definite.

Mark’s obsession with history stuff is so unappealing and so real; his entire persona is brilliantly crafted, I think, right down to the worry about his misshapen scrotum (though not, he explicitly states, his penis). The homosocial stuff is dealt with so directly; I love that Mark spends a lot of time considering whether he might be gay because of his man-crush on Allen Johnson.

The way the show handles story arc between episodes is bizarre, and more “real” in its effect than reality TV could ever possibly be.

Can we talk about this as we would a movie? I nominate it for Nitpicking.


2 Responses to Peep Show

  1. Carla Fran says:

    I can’t think of a better past-time than nitpicking Peep Show. I think we should do it, because of its length and stature, as a very special 5 part series. We could go season by season? Starting with season one this week? I’ll need to buy some Sara Lee before I get ready to hang out with the boys again.

  2. Millicent says:

    YES! Let’s do it! Also, I just realized it’s Super hans, not super hands. Heh.

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