The Glories and The Bad Thing

Dear Millicent,

So, I am not yet through all of Peep Show season 1, but in my half review, I remembered how the first time I watched the show, it made for a particular syndrome for me.  I would watch and laugh aloud, sure that they were some of the funniest things I had seen in awhile, and then not be able to remember any of the punchlines.   It is almost as if Peep Show is simply too much.  We get the effect of the drug, the afterglow, but the actual stimuli is more of a blur than anything apropriate to later recall in conversation (perhaps like orgasms or dreams).  This was, of course, until I started watching this time with pencil and paper in hand.  These, so far, are things that have, as they say, cracked me up:

  • The first scene of Jez (Jess?) telling himself how awesome he is in the mirror.
  • The list of makeup groceries Mark has planned for Jez. So very normal, so tender.
  • Drinking in the bathroom! Why did we never take to our bathroom like a long lost bar? That moment of scotch in the bathroom made me homesick for life with roommates.
  • Mark’s glee at finding shelter in the supply closet–“I’m in the Ardennes!”
  • Speaking of drinking in the bathroom, the brilliant timing of Jez laughing at his own interior monologue. And then, asking for more water from their pathetic sink shower nozzle thing.
  • Mark’s note of “Ha! You’re not going to help with small talk, fine then. Let’s all die together.”
  • Jez, at a party in episode 3, about how it’s the 21rst century, and olive oil is a definite small talk subject.
  • THE BAD THING.  A: well, it’s funnier than anything expected, and  B: the genius of thinking of smoking a bunch of cigarettes through a sub sandwich. So innocent in relation to the real bad thing, but so delightfully absurd.

Why is this glee so sharp? Is it because they handle the POV so well, and the timing as deftly as Gervais and Merchant delivered in The Office? Is it because they nail anxiety and delusion is a way that Seinfeld only hinted at? Is it because the props and references are painfully, wonderfully exact? Is it because they say “pedo” all the time, and there is a character named Big Suze?

Like crack, as Super Hans (why not Super Hands? it wouldn’t not make sense for his character)  would say, it has a more-ish taste.

I kinda love all of them, and will do my duty and watch more pronto,


One Response to The Glories and The Bad Thing

  1. Millicent says:

    Yes, the “let’s all die together!” moment is exquisite and vengeful. And are they smoking through a sandwich??!! I totally missed that!!!! (Goes to rewatch.)

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