Dearest Millicent,

I cannot imagine the amount of life and emotion that is on your plate at the moment, but I hope that the navigations are treating you kindly, and that you have some kind of balm for the soul at the moment (hopefully rosemary scented?).  I have no wisdom to put down here, or distracting sillypants news item to try and entertain you with.  The only person that I keep seeing as I try to think of something to say is David Brent, claiming so much inspiration from his sheet of quotes, and of course, the lyrics of Des’ree.  So, I think I better stop thinking of things to say.  Brent is never the appropriate go-to for wise words, unless we are in need of poems about Lancelot and frozen daggers, or Dolly Parton.  Okay, so he does console, but only he can pull off that particular brand.  So, I’ll just let him do what he does best.

But maybe this David is too made up, too removed from his desk, so I also offer:

And the thought that at least you don’t have to carry his sweaty gym bag after he gives a ridiculous presentation, quoting from a little book of wisdom.  But, he does have one thing right. I think the refrain goes “You! You’re the Best! You’re better than all the rest!” (stereo plays as Brent runs out of room, hands over his head, head bobbing to the beat).

Me and David, we send you our best,



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