25 Things I’m Thankful For: B-side


  1.  The word “decussate.”
  2. That “Snickers” can be confused with “stickers,” and that a contest promising either as a prize motivates my students enough to stay 45 minutes late on a Friday afternoon coming up with thesis statements.
  3. Avocados.  
  4. The Jez Within, or, That bodies decide things while the brain careens. Great gift, that.
  5. Blue whales.
  6. That there is a store where you can rootle around in bins for scraps of polyethylene and acrylic of any color and texture and haul ’em away by the pound for free. That there is a laser cutter that can cut these into any shape you want.
  7. Massages.
  8. Model rockets.
  9. Flash cards for the Ipod Touch, and the sets of flashcards people have already made and shared.
  10. Super Mario Brothers. Even stupid Super Mario World 2.
  11. Burnt orange. The color, not the fruit.
  12. Television channels that have never shown even one second’s worth of football footage.
  13. Dimples.
  14. Antihistamines (NOT decongestants. Pseudephedrine can kiss my ass.)
  15. Endoskeletons. Skulls. Mine in particular, and its fixity. Sometimes I desperately need a mirror because I’m 83% sure my mouth has moseyed into the upper right quadrant of my face (on a graph, the +y, -x quadrant), displacing my eyebrow, which hovers down, mid-cheek, to the apple-bit where blush should be applied. It’s a relief to know this can’t be.
  16. Craigslist and the courageous souls who use it.  
  17. The multiplying meanings of the word “reification.”
  18. The Bible as a cultural reference point. 
  19. Outdoor fish markets. Honorable mention to sharks and picorocos (big-ass barnacles).
  20. That my mother was right years ago when, sitting in a restaurant in Berkeley, she observed that for some reason I was attractive to Indian men.
  21. My stomach.
  22. Tidepools.
  23. Dubai and Kamchatka.
  24. Coloring books.
  25. Pelicans.

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