25 We Go

Since it is two days after Thanksgiving, and I think I have had enough pie to get serious about some thanks.

A one and a two and one two three: A smattering of things I am thankful for

  1. Writers who write about coffee, eggs and bacon.
  2. That sometimes it really isn’t me, it’s them.
  3. Half done craft projects that don’t make me feel guilty for their incompletion.
  4. British movies, all of them.
  5. Condoms.
  6. Saint’s bones, especially the ones that get bejeweled.
  7. The fact that museums sell postcards of their collections.
  8. Margaritas.
  9. The blue hoodies Target sold in the little boy’s section ten years ago.
  10. That now when my mother says something insulting I realize I didn’t actually deserve it.
  11. Prowling around my college campus as a freshman, and how fun it was to walk around in large groups late at night.
  12. Cowboy shirts.
  13. The Moleskin Planner Notebook.  It’s infinitely pleasing!
  14. The word “rootle” as used in your previous post.
  15. The word “twee” and “maudlin.”
  16. Things that won’t let me hate or cluck at them, even though I really want to (like McSweeney’s, or unfashionable bar drinks).
  17. That  in Minnesota, when you order a Bloody Mary, it automatically comes with a beer chaser.
  18. Really sad songs, usually full of nostalgia, that make me want to cry no matter when I hear them.
  19. Dashes.
  20. Fops.
  21. The Parker basic fountain pen, which was discontinued, but is now recontinued!
  22. Mechanical pencils!
  23. Cheese, salt, avocado, Tabasco, fries, tortillas, in any combination.
  24. Not having to drive, and not having to uphold a conversation, so that your only job is to look out the window, ideally on a very long trip.
  25. Trains.
  26. Also, hook and eye fastenings on dresses.

One Response to 25 We Go

  1. Millicent says:

    I love 22, 24, 26, and 18. And 5. And 7. All of them really.

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