Eve eve


Holiday time, folderol.  I am enjoying the season by drinking tea, and listening to The Onion’s top 30 songs of 2008.  The internet has now made it so that you can listen to the song as you read about it. My delight!  There are some treasures in there, and these are two that made my wig either flip or really want to dance.

I have more thoughts to share with you, but they have nothing to do with fake snow, glitteries, wrapping paper, or brown paper packages tied up in string, so I’ll wait.

Also, am addicted to a new Netflix wonder, via 1976, called “The Duchess of Duke Street.”  It’s a kind of upstairs downstairs soap opera about the service class of England at the turn of the last century.  The main dame is a sassy gal with a lot of determination, and quite a mouth on her.  Pretty good television for ’76!

A cup a ‘nog to you!  Or grog.  I highly recommend the grog at Trader Joes.  Mix it with some wine, and you are in a winter from another time (one where everybody lived in cabins and sang about evergreen things).



One Response to Eve eve

  1. Millicent says:

    Business Time is one of my all-time favorites. I think I might even have a team-building t-shirt or two.

    Happy eve to you too, dearest.

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