A Virgo We Will Go

Dearest teapot,

I hope this finds you well.  It has been so long since we corresponded in this little plaza that my fingers feel rusty, and a bit unwilling.  But, it is January gudummit, and we will resolute!  I offer, as a wading pool to lead us to our ultimate synchronized swimming routines, that we perhaps start with a list?  25 things we may turn our attention to in this new year?  Or, 10 things we promise to never try to fix (a resolution against resolutions)?

Also, in my rootling of astrology, it appears that our little correspondence is a Virgo.  We missed Leo-ization by a day.  Interestingly enough, this is the sign of Sexual Conduct, and Virgo is suggested as “the vessel” according to Starsky and Cox’s Sextrology (a book that melds the egoism of reading about yourself/destiny with the added delight of reading about yourself/destiny/and sex).

So, if our correspondence was a gal in the world, she’d be a bit of a giver, and apparently try to save the world.  She is built–“a peasanty body that would seem to demand rigorous attention” (272). We can be generous or withholding, as we choose.  Beyonce is one of us, as is Agatha Christie.  If our little blog is straight, she has a good chance to be turned on by bikers, ribbed condoms, corsets, garters, doctor/nurse fantasies, and crotchless underwear.  If she is gay, she is likely into blindfolds, chastity belts (!), slaving, voyeurism, and kinky lingerie.

We have quite a gal here, no?

Hope this finds you well, enjoying sunshine or fog,




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