5 Answers (Unhelpful)

  1. I think being the old lady on the porch may be the best of professions.
  2. Lavender and Bacon! My new potpourri of choice!  Since they are both such wonderful smells, they sometimes get confused and switch places without telling anybody.  It’s  complicated. Inanimate, and complicated.
  3. Facebook is a mist that rolls into our homes, looks in our drawers, and always finds the adolescent available,  no matter what kind of picture we post, or information we provide.  Even when we are eighty, the real Cheri Oteri’s of our yards, Facebook will somehow find the fresh sting of Dawn Weiner-dom.  It is a powerful force, a hormone gone virtual.
  4. Maybe you only get one fly-under-a-bridge-everybody-lives moment, and they don’t want to press their luck?
  5. I agree with you, but in a disagreeable way.  I think Aguilera is tawdry, tired and vapid, soooo…….at least she sounds kind of smart when she says the ad is “pop art meets pop star.”

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