Sterling sounds like an affordable drugstore cologne

Oh my! The Sterling Institute looks terrifying.  I am fascinated that your friend presented it to you.  I keep thinking of Jez and Super Hans in their button up shirts and clean hair.  This reminds me again of that story in Jezebel that ran about men needing to release their inner douche-bag to claim their self/control of the world in rebellion to the control of their motherwives.  You have probably already read this, but I thought it was an interesting account of a reporter that almost took on our experiment of donning mustaches and packing a sock in the pants to infiltrate.  She went as a lady to the lady weekend.

These things are popular, and all the articles play with the idea of “is there something to all of this?”  But it seems like it is a giant excuse to blame women for everything; women are ruining the world by expecting men to be grown up human beings.  Drat us!

My computer is misbehaving, I am going to spank it,

more soon,



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