Spaceman Moonstruck

Bowie and Cher. Together. Spectacularly ill at ease with their hair, their arms, and each other. Cher laughs in hysterical feigned hilarity while Bowie scratches his chin in what’s supposed (I think) to be Sexual Tension. Then they bow at each other. A little desperately. At different times.


2 Responses to Spaceman Moonstruck

  1. Carla Fran says:

    This is indeed quite the artifact. Things that got me:
    1.) The ridiculous box-step they rely on throughout. Bowie looks like he is at a wedding, doing the electric slide, and realizing that he now understands the dance, and would like for the song to be over so that he can go to the bar.
    2.) I never knew that Bowie did variety shows. I didn’t think he was this mainstream. His delicate features and foppish hair suggest that he would only do such a spectacle under the pretense of full irony.
    3.) Bowie steals the show throughout, even though Cher has that hair (the very cut of which seems to be an homage to all things Bowie).
    4.) A medley? It seems so near that old sketch Will Ferrell and Ana Gastmeyer did of the middle school assembly music duo.
    5.) It also sounds kind of great, and I want to know Cher at this time (be her friend, trade belts), and kiss Bowie. He looks so…pretty/boarding-school-homesick/dandy/fragile-beautiful-soul.

  2. Millicent says:

    You’re so right about number 1–that’s EXACTLY what’s happening. Re: Cher’s hair, it might also be an homage to camouflage. You notice how at certain moments (and from certain angles) she blends in completely with the background? Hard to steal the spotlight when your head matches the walls. Re: #4, yes. Only the songs are even SHORTER than the Gasteyer-Ferrell selections. I truly didn’t think this was possible. Amen to #5, though Bowie really does sometimes look alarmingly like the Tim Burton version of himself. Still, there’s a hint of saucebox-meets-ethereal-DB right around 3:07, where, looking bored, he suddenly gazes impishly at the band, purses his lips and covers his left ear as if to say, “Hush, spawn of Elvis and the Nintendo toadstool. Let me croon to ONLY YOU.”

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