No Means Yes

Thought this might enrich our approach to the Funny Girl “date rape” question, dear CF. Judy’s playing with fire here, pushing the No Means Yes trope for all its worth. My inclination, re: Funny Girl, is to say (insert Judy’s molasses-sweet voice here) no, no, no no no. But then, I’ve had my “nos” respected whenever I’ve used them. I might be too ready to dismiss a sensitive issue and chalk this and Funny Girl’s iteration of date-sex transactions up to the time.  (Then again, I don’t think Barbra ever actually says the word either… she just flutters in excitement and extreme discomfort.)

It’s never occurred to me—at the critical juncture—to use No this way. The date rape issue has taught me a formidable respect for the word. I’ll take Yes over No any day, except, maybe, when Judy sings it. I admit I find this almost perversely sexy. Is that weird? Maybe I just need a safe word.

I’d hoped to find the version of her singing it at Carnegie Hall—it’s breathtaking. But this is good too.

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