Today in Current Events (Lycra and Vikings Edition)

Dearest M.,

I offer two quick chits for your possible chat…if you are impossibly submerged in work until May, I will heartily carry on (with apologies) for our ocean of readers, and submit them only to my version of tides and shellfish.  Yes, I am picturing us as rulers of the sea.  It involves a lot of pearls and tridents.

Query #1: Have you seen the Vanity Fair portrait of the Apatow crew? Bodysuiting as inequality, joke, or pointed comment?

Query #2: Did you by chance see Colbert’s call to Sweden? It brought to mind our conversation about domesticity and good old Grendel (and gift giving, gold hoards, and bestest mead halls ever) and it looks like we can swing that same argument to the economy at large.  I would love to hear your thoughts.

Thinking of you, and fleshy bodysuits (really just wondering how thick the spandex was…in the picture it almost looks like medical grade Lycra (is there such a thing as medical grade Lycra?))




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