Is Susan Boyle a Fake?

After all our gab about her here, here and here, brace yourself:


We’ve wondered what would happen if it turned out some part of Boyle’s story turned out not to be “true.” Well, here we are. Let’s see how much the package matters.

How does the public (or the media) falsify a package like this? Where does our investment lie?

IF talent takes center-stage, the only revelation that should matter—and falsify Boyle to her fans—is whether or not she lip-synched onstage.

Instead, the web is in hysterics over whether she was indeed “joking” when she said she’d never been kissed. She’s either an Angel or Crazy For Publicity!!! (screams a blog).

IT MUST BE ONE OR THE OTHER, the population screams. Either SHE IS AN ANGEL or she’s Crazy For Publicity.

Notice that neither option concerns itself in the slightest with whether or not she can sing.

So–let’s try this:

Let’s watch the real ugly stakes of the cultural obsession with her emerge.

Welcome back to high school, Susan.

One Response to Is Susan Boyle a Fake?

  1. Carla Fran says:

    This brings to mind a line from a story I just read where a character has a brief case of “the virgin blues,” as her friends leave her to go canoodle in their car. It;s a good phrase, no?

    If Boyle has never been kissed, then we assume she’s never wahooed (or, was once a professional prostitute where kissing wasn’t on the table). Do we need her to be “pure” to add to her appeal?

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