It’s post lunch, and I am groggy.  Things on my mind today:

  1. I listen to a new age radio show in the afternoons when I shuttle between jobs.  The guests relentlessly talk about how if something feels bad then it isn’t right.  They suggest that finding your fullest potential is directly connected to how comfortable you are–if you have fear or anxiety then you are doing something wrong (unless the fear or anxiety feels great).  My question–is this like the OK Cola branding of the nineties: a marketing launch to keep us all sated blind to the greater discomforts of challenging things?
  2. Susan Boyle got a leather jacket.  How did leather come to be the eternal symbol of “with it” ?
  3. Today is equal pay day.  Sir, I’d like some more, please.
  4. And finally, I’m going to a function tonight where I am supposed to wear business clothes, exposing a vulnerability of my wardrobe.  Because of my lack of focus when attaining clothing, all my options now either make me look twenty years older than I am, or like a caterer, or model of the delicate subtlety of the shades of faded black.  And EVERYTHING is wrinkled, or will be wrinkled by the time I get out of the car. 



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