Star Trek: Mudd’s Women

Dear CF,

I give you Episode 4 of Season 1 of the Original Star Trek, “Mudd’s Women,” complete with amiable pirate, diabolically sultry besequined space-ladies in search of husbands, undomesticated miners and the shiny heart-shaped “Venus pill.”

dress1-muddswomen-muddswomen 2

Youtube apparently won’t let me embed the episode, but click on Mudd’s women and they’ll beam you on up.



2 Responses to Star Trek: Mudd’s Women

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  2. Carla Fran says:

    I only saw parts here, but I love that ugliness is defined by mussed hair and no under-eye makeup. Kirk’s stern speech about “there is only one kind of woman” is also a kick. “You have to believe in yourself.” Okay, Kirk, sure. But can I have her sequins?

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