Girltalk and Boytalk

I like Roseanne because it gives both genders enough rope to believably hang themselves. The NY Times ran a depressing article yesterday on sexless marriages. Here’s how Roseanne deals with the problems of bad sex and no sex in marriage. Jackie’s Fred “gets in the elevator but won’t go down” post-baby, Roseanne is pregnant and not in the mood, so Dan tries sucking on her toes. Mark won’t put out for Becky. What happens when Roseanne gets involved:



2 Responses to Girltalk and Boytalk

  1. Carla Fran says:

    It took me two days to figure out what “getting in the elevator but not going down” meant. This clip reminds me that all the attributes I attach to Girlfriends (the show), existed in the sitcom form before that one show–here Roseanne has that same tone of humor about real issues, but in a kitschy readymade package. Did she ever explain that chicken and egg shirt?

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