Another Charmer, Mr. Mitchell

And then there’s David Mitchell’s thoughtful essay on men and going to the doctor. I tend to get irate (secretly) at Mr. Carla Fran when a head cold becomes world-stop drama, and Mitchell is helping me navigate some of that. I’m interested in your thoughts here…do you think his argument is too simple, and leaves too much up to hard wiring, or do you think he is spot on? Also, how odd that the below is part of an advertisement for a line of bodycare products. (Unfortunately, I can’t quite get the video to show up here, so here’s the link while I figure it out).
David Mitchell’s SoapBox: Going to the Doctor



One Response to Another Charmer, Mr. Mitchell

  1. Millicent says:

    Well, you and I have talked about how mayhaps the sporadic bleeding from the genitals has the effect of demysticizing bodies a bit, and it seems he’s getting at a similar point here–that rather than believe the funny elbow to be a harbinger of a custom-made rare disease, women assume it’s a crick that needs some oiling, and oil it.

    Mr. Millicent-that-was also had the all-or-nothing thing approach to sickness. And definitely harbored some dramatic biological narratives. It’s a bit disconcerting to live with someone who believes he’s destined to kill you through some as-yet-undiscovered infectious disorder of the blood. Conversely, lots of women seem to take wat Mitchell calls the “constant maintenance” train all the way to Hypochondria-land.

    Mitchell might be onto something with his Red Sea (ha!) to cracker-chain analogy–maybe it is just about biology.
    On the other hand, maybe it’s a product of medical socialization? Young women have to get annual checkups in order to get birth control, so they’re used to thinking of medical visits as routine and uneventful. Barring physicals, young men tend (I think) to go for big-ticket visits—broken bones, tonsillectomies, etc. I can see how these two populations could develop really different attitudes toward medicine.

    My affection for these two just groze and groze.

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