Wooing Woozie

Dear Millicent,

Just found out that Mitchell and Webb are near-ish our age.   They also induced me to join Twitter, just so I can follow their daily musings.  I am starting to see the allure of Twitter, it offers a strangely intimate access to the faraway. So far, I follow them and my  mum, and am yet to tweet a peep myself.   It was through this that I found this:  Ooey and gooey and rather sweet, for a tweet.

3 Responses to Wooing Woozie

  1. Carla Fran says:

    Also, Wikipedia announces that Webb announced on Twitter that Peep Show 6 will start filming in July. Le sigh.

  2. Millicent says:


  3. Carla Fran says:

    I am equal parts embarrassed, rapt, and suspicious of this commercial. In all, I like it, but it makes me feel squidgy.

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