Dear Millicent,

Sometimes, I start gushing about the very popular blog Go Fug Yourself to the uninitiated.  I try to tell them about the delightful prose, but they get stuck on the fact that it is about clothes and the superstars.  Tonight, I think I found the excerpt that will woo them all.  On a recent cover featuring Sandra Bullock:

is this really the best picture of Sandra’s face? There is something so aggressive and overly intense about it. Like she was on a break during the photo shoot, and the photographer came up to her and said, “Look, I’m having a really bad day — I just ate a cat for breakfast and I’m pretty sure my underwear is on backwards and my cousin just came back from the dead after a tragic decapitation accident,” and Sandy paused for a sec, hoisted her leg up on a chair, leaned forward and said, “You’re shitting me, right?” And of course then the photographer would scream with joy and snap a photo, because clearly that mixture of barely suppressed revulsion, confusion, disbelief, and one squished boob is SO 2009.




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