The Remains of the Day

  • Brain scrubbing: it’s the latest thing. Soon Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind will be a mind-bending tearjerker no longer—just expunge the past at a Walmart near you. From ReasonOnline.
  • My current obsession, the flying fox, a.k.a. the biggest bat in the world. Pictured below, although I couldn’t quite get the scale right. Here is a video of it moving. Here is a video of one fighting a python. P7120302
  • This video of Russell Brand and Kristen Schaal (Mel of Flight of the Conchords) eating cherries in his trailer before they shoot a scene.
  • Mandolin on Alas, a blog posts this great survey of how women are drawn in fantasy art, including links to drawings of male superheroes in poses typical of superheroines. Superdudes: downright sassy.
  • Just for kicks: Mimi Smartypants on things she is a humorless feminist about, and a list of unsexy things said during sexy times.

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