The Remains of the Day

  • From the Wellcome Collection in London’s new exhibition, Exquisite Bodies, on Victorian representations of human anatomy, comes this pastoral depiction of placental extraction. (Will she eat it?) assisted birth
  • At Significant Objects, authors are paired with weird objects and asked to write a story that invests the object with meaning as part of an experiment to see how stuff acquires value. The objects (plus story) are sold on ebay. I’m waiting for Aimee Bender’s entry.
  • I planned to finally read Infinite Jest this summer, not realizing there was a “coterie of bibliophiles across the world” doing that very thing at Infinite Summer. This is their story. (I’m pleased to note that the two most recent entries reflect my experience wrestling with the first 200 or so pages, and some of my resistance toward DFW generally. Kevin Guilfoile is right to call Wallace anti-seductive; I have to think about this more.)
  • Madoreable’s rant on struggling and complacency in our generation’s approach to work. Even crankier than us.

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