The Remains of the Day

  • Esquire has a devastating, fascinating, provocative article on the last late term abortion provider.  Interesting use of second person, and a well done culimination of form and content to convince the reader of the need for more providers. Also, new consideration of Esquire.
  • The World Digital Library: a well designed way to forage through treasures past (instant/universal wonder cabinet).
  • Jizz in my pants: I found this in a student’s notebook and was slightly offended. Turns out, it was an innocent, already popular,  Youtube reference (and a well played one).
  • The lady pens are rising: Thoughts on the facebook woman challenge to AWP?
  • Synchronized swimmers use Knox gelatin to hold their hair in place while swimming.  It creates a special helmet head, and I wanted you to know this.

Yours (2 cocktails down),



2 Responses to The Remains of the Day

  1. Millicent says:

    I read the Esquire profile over a morning cup of tea and spent the next hour trying not to cry over what an hour means to (for example) me vs. what it means to Hern (of whom there are no more examples). Brutal read. Brutal life.

    What’s the facebook woman challenge to AWP?

    • Carla Fran says:

      Poet Cate Marvin has launched an uprising to AWP, noting that they rejected her very good panel on female poets after accepting her often on male poets (her letter satisfyingly proves that her irk is more than mere rejection blues). She is trying to organized a grand writing conference that is specific to women. In fact, they are looking for ladybloggers like us as well…I had a stutter step of whether to join or not join the facebook group. More on that soon.

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