The Remains of the Day, and Water

Dear Millicent,

I do hope your head releases you soon, that your neck unlocks, that you can swivel and flop with ease.  I had a case of the grumps today, full of weak aggression at flat landscapes ahead.  So, I made a baked potato.  My daily horoscope calendar says I should go after what I want like “Batman after the Joker.” The chauffeur in the mystery I just watched said “You get what you settle for.”  Here are some other wonders:

  • We are both latecomers to It’s great.  We should have been reading this particular party a long time ago.  Today, he linked to this DFW commencement speech. Again, welcome to latecomer city. The speech: It’s great.  It’s responsible.
  • Got more time for DFW? Read this New Yorker piece from March.  I was impressed by how much earnest good he was trying to do with prose.  His goals were all the things that nobody mentions anymore, but that are so bright when we all first fall hard for the act of reading.
  • There is a channel called OvationTv.  They seem to mostly play period pieces, and I can’t help but wonder if they are marketing to women with the name (would the male channel be BallisticTV?) It seems like it is smart marketing to women: no trashy reality TV, no super sappy melodrams.  Lots of arts and literature.  It reminded me of what Bravo used to be (le sigh…Twin Peaks Marathons, Jules and Jim, Valmont…)
  • My stumble on this channel introduced me to the miniseries Lost in Austen. A modern woman somehow switches places with Elizabeth Bennett.  Modern jokes ensue, and it is thoroughly charming, smart, and not half as treacly as expected.  I haven’t seen all of it, but I think it takes Mr. Darcy as fantasy vs. reality  head on in a way that is no Bridget Jones. Modern lady also forces him to swim in the pond a la’ Colin Firth. Very fun, flip, and satisfying.
  • Bollywood Hero: Guilty pleasure on IFC.  Who knew miniseries were actually good? Chris Kattan plays an actor named Chris Kattan who is trying to start a Bollywood career after his Hollywood career burns out.  Again, thoroughly charming. Looks like it was made with a home camera, but it does have musical numbers and a dancing grandma…
  • If you get migraines, you are a migraineur.  In my quick search for this word (which I like too much, I think because it sounds like a profession), I found this quote collection, this blog, this interview with fellow migraineur Marcia Cross (random, yes?), and this definition of Athena coming out of Zeus’ head as he “appropriated the female function of birth” (thus, alarmingly,  “ending the line of female supremacy. For Athena…owed no loyalty to any mother.”
  • Did you know that Oliver Sacks wrote a book on migraines?




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