Happy Birthday To Us Dames

doris day poodles-thumb

What better way to celebrate, than with Dame Doris and multi-colored poodles! Also, I am wearing this:


And I have picked out this for you:

VW-Royal Blue White Latin front 2

To add to our virtual celebration, I offer snack recommendations (a mixed buffet of tea, eclairs, champagne, cheetohs), party favors (jewelry, twirling leotards, and sparklers).

For entertainment, I offer the 2005 Gold Medalist at the World Baton Twirling Championship.

To more tea and conversation, and another year of champagne and sparklers,



2 Responses to Happy Birthday To Us Dames

  1. Millicent says:

    A Yeariversary prayer.

    May our mascots be minty, croceate and rose.
    May our legs go unshackled, unpantsed and unhosed.
    May we bare-ass our midriffs and unhedge our bets.
    May we master the genre of prudish coquettes.
    May our swimwear include dual flesh-colored patches.
    May our drywear have sequins and wigwear that matches.
    May we always have tea and green socks to put on,
    And may we keep our momentum when we drop our baton.

    Lovies, and dovies,


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