Remains of the Day

  • September brings some good deals if you are into some bourgeois living: The New Yorker is offering a free month of their new digital edition.  Also, it’s National Yoga Month, which means a free week of yoga for the masses.  Visit their site to download a free pass to a yoga studio in your neighborhood.
  • Heard this piece on the globalization of pornography on the radio yesterday, and was disturbed.  This story suggests that porn is pretty bad at the end of the day (increases rapes, decreases condom use, kids drop out of school to watch it all day).  It’s incredibly alarming that sexual assaults happen immediately after people watch it (perhaps in any location, but this story focused on third world rural areas), and that porn is powerful enough to make it’s way to remote villages, some even without electricity.  It’s also worrisome  that the story brought up the image of the sex-crazed male savage.  The piece made me think that  porn was only okay to watch as long you were educated (arrogant and elitist, but I worked with a woman once who studied that tendencies toward violence decrease as critical thinking skills increase).   I’m conflicted with my own assumption that if an effect is happening in areas this separate from my own, then it must reveal basic truths about human nature.
  • The same documentary had this much lighter write up in today’s Independent.
  • Still hot.




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