Just when I am set on believing that life is the anti-novel, with no real arcs or perfectly synchronized spectacles, along come the thiefs of Sweden.  Today they broke into a cash depot in Stockholm by dropping a stolen helicopter on the building, smashing a glass pyramid, setting off explosives, and then using ropes and pullies to life themselves back out—-all in twenty minutes.  They got away with millions. So many millions, in fact, that Sweden is worried about a Kronor shortage.

The AP also reports that they kept the police at bay by planting a fake bomb (so well-planned!), and that these kind of robberies are fairly common:

“There are about 100 hardcore criminals in this country who have specialized in this type of serious robbery,” said Jerzy Sarnecki, professor in criminology at Stockholm University. “They are definitely no amateurs.”

He said every successful heist inspires others to follow suit, which explains why they have become relatively frequent in Sweden.

So, there is a gang of thieves in Sweden, and they really wear stocking caps and time things very well.  I guess this reopens the case for great expectations, epiphanies, twists of fate, and happy endings.




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