Thrilling real-life heists!

I am drunk because my life feels like it’s grown too big this week, though not quite in the heisty way. Things that might actually happen on top of The Usual Things That Happen (which tonight involved cajun-spiced fries and beer):

  1. Getting a divorce.
  2. Getting an additional full-time-ish job that would require me to have a PDA. I still don’t know what that stands for.
  3. Interpreting at a courthouse. In front of a judge.
  4. Playing piano for a musical in a major city.
  5. Buying a car.

None of it seems to fit in my life right now, and I suspect four out of the five won’t quite pan out. I am not sure I can even do three of the things on this list. But it’s quite a lot to have on a plate and my eyes are happiest when they are bigger than my stomach. So. Cheers!

Fondly and drunkenly,



3 Responses to Overwhelmment

  1. Carla Fran says:

    Personal data assistant….I think. Is the full time job something beyond courthousing and pianoing? I think we must talk soon!

  2. Louise says:

    Oh I LOVE those slightly drunken moments with a list like this full of new possibilities, new ways to be YOU! I need one – a list and a drunken moment!

  3. Millicent says:

    Louise! Carla Fran! Thanks dames! Yes–it feels a bit like the life equivalent of the Grinch’s heart growing three sizes. Urk!

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