Facebook Statustics

There’s a Facebook tool that goes through your archive of status updates and analyzes them for frequency of word usage. My friend Andrea’s most frequent word was “party.” Fun! I thought. I write funny status updates! I will try! My results:

Status Statistics on Facebook

2 Responses to Facebook Statustics

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  2. Carla Fran says:

    Never heard of this before, had to do it myself:
    The most frequent words

    1. like used : 4x
    2. broke used : 3x
    3. good used : 3x
    4. likes used : 3x
    5. proud used : 2x

    Which proves your point about knowing your muppets. I am an envious broke lass with an unsure and unknown usage of pride.

    But yours takes the cake (baked, of course!).

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