Oh Really?

Dear Millicent,

What do you think about a new segment that brings up things that it seems we should know about but we don’t? I was thinking of this the other day when a student asked me for the strict definition of a clause after my description of it as a “unitish thing” didn’t stick, and I got a clammy feeling, and that strange exhilaration of “how do I not know this!” Perhaps we can call the section “Yes, erm.”

There’s pleasure in seeing the gaps in my obvious understanding of the world. I like seeing where the ice doesn’t hold, but usually only when I have recovery time to reapply my mental makeup.   So, I offer every once in a while a quick question and a little spackle.  To our readers (you foxes) I hope you answer the questions pre Wikipedia search, and throw in some questions of your own:

To start:




One Response to Oh Really?

  1. Millicent says:

    I’m strongly in favor of this new segment and offer the following sweaty-smalltalk topic of my own: the public option.

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