The Eyes Have It


I would like to say this is some kind of metaphor for marriage,  or an easy slight on bridezilla culture, but it’s too grand for analysis.  I cannot stop thinking about this picture:

I have tried to write about other things, but I am defeated.



4 Responses to The Eyes Have It

  1. Carla Fran says:

    Is the groom’s hand misproportionallly far from his body? Why photoshop such an already surreal picture?

    Also, a friend immediately asked “What would Margaret Atwood say?”

    “Let’s let the cake bear the children.” is my first go. Yours?

    I also want to ask, what would Alice Munro say?

  2. Millicent says:

    I’m not going to embarrass myself by revealing how long it took me to realize, even with your hints, that the woman on the left was a cakeself. There is a knife in this picture. The bride looks most unhappy holding that knife. Is it the pain of slicing part of yourself away for the sake of the new union? Is it that the cakeself has more diamonds on her necklace? Is it an angst unrelated to cake, a niggling having everything to do with the heady cocktail of jubilation and misery attendant upon a wedding? Or has it just now occurred to her that she does not, in fact, like frosting?

    As the baker says in Into the Woods: “Just more questions. Different kinds.”

    The groom’s hand looks more or less normal to me, but I’m a poor judge of these things. I cannot begin to imagine what Margaret Atwood would say. I’m sure your friend had The Edible Woman in mind, but my God–the mind boggles when faced with the possibility that THIS SCENE ENCAPSULATES WHAT SHE’S BEEN WRITING ABOUT ALONG ALONG. Bodily Harm! Life Before Man! The Robber Bride! Alias Grace! And with only the slightest of stretches, Oryx and Cake! The Handmade Veil!

    What a find, CF. What a find.


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