Friday Free for All

  • I love this soon-to-be poster from I Heart Guts so much.  I know Always’s current motto is “Have a Happy Period,” but I Heart Guts has won the crown here.  Other contenders for world’s happiest period: Fussybutt fussystuff, email reminders, and the best titled T-shirt I’ve seen in awhile “A Womb of One’s Own” (again, the guts have it).
  • Why am I so happy that Tracy Anderson, Madonna and Gwyneth’s personal trainer, is turning out to be a con artist?
  • I owe $20.00 to the public library, which is keeping me from returning four books, which means I am increasing my debt every day.  And I have books on hold that I need to pick up, or more fees! Vicious cycle.  The librarians are real sons of guns.
  • My fourth anniversary is next week.  I have no gift yet. But am looking for ideas involving linen, fruit, flowers, or appliances (according to the vast anniversary encyclopedia of the internet).  Happy applianceversary! I got you an icecrusher!  There are some real doozy gift ideas over at Regretsy, including: masturbating dinosaurs, poetic jeans, and a cocked up pumpkin necklace. Oof.

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