Writing Day 2!

Dear CF,

Aw man, I got goosebumps down my arm reading your last paragraph. Fuck it to the firecrackers INDEED! I am dutifully picturing you across from me in a magnificent be-turbaned haze. I just offered you some of my danish. You said you once smacked Joan Crawford for that. But it’s blackberry! I said. You said that was the night you pushed Gore Vidal into the pool because he said something disparaging about lapels. I ask you to picture me, in turn, smoking a pipe, and fitted with a sparkly but functional mermaid tail. I have a jaunty chapeau, and I am three or four inches taller with muscular mer-calves and an uncomplicated relationship to technology. My hair is out of my face and there is a stimulating-without-drowning-one-in-unhelpful-romance atmosphere of candles and balconies. And ruins.

It is great fun, this writing thing!

The rules! While nobody, strictly speaking undressed anybody in the first 3000 words, there is nudity.

I have no spirit animal yet, but will mull over the problem and report back. As things are now, I find myself up in the morning too early, glad to wake up.




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