Girls on Film (ba na na da da) Girls on Film

Dear Millicent,

There has been some great conversation over the past two weeks about women and Hollywood.  It is all bleak, infuriating, and the take on it has been wonderfully mouthy (and I mean mouthy in the best of ways: at the table, brassed, and loud).

Last week, Gloria Steinem hosted an event for Jane Campion, and invited a small group of distinguished guests.  Dodai from Jezebel was there, as was Feministing’s Courtney Martin, and both highlighted the honor of the invitation, and the great hospitality of Steinem (she had a bar in her booklined bedroom…the New York I always imagined!).  Here’s a quick library of the talk:

  1. Melissa Silverstein is Women and Hollywood.  The famous blog has been having this conversation all along.  She takes on the current depressing stats here.
  2. Manohla Dargis’ critique, where she speaks of “women’s non-pulchritudinous contributions to cinema.”
  3. Today, Jezebel did a great roundup of Dargis’ overall “Fuck You” to the system, noting Dargis’ critique of the Apatowian and the Ephronian.
  4. Who else should we be reading? Let me know.

On a closing note…just as I was fully laying into Mr. Carla Fran about the “clubbiness” of hollywood, and writing projects, and the idea that to even get into the conversation, a woman had to prove her ability to work in the themes of male gross-out humor, I was invited to a screening specifically  because they realized they didn’t have enough women there…I think there are 20 people in all at this thing…my guess for women in the room is 6.   Is this a product of the public conversation at the moment, or more proof in the pudd?

Yours in pulchritude and spirit,



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