My Mistress’s Ass is Nothing Like the Sun: A Graph of Body Parts in Music

Fleshmap has a diagram of the frequency with which different body parts are mentioned in different genres.

Some points of minor interest: 

  • In Gospel music, “ass” and “shoulder” show up in the same fraction of songs (.62%) as “balls” in country music and “tits” in hip hop.
  • In country music, “cock,” “penis” and “ass” appear in only .08% of songs, although hands and eyes (shockingly) make a strong showing (13%).
  • In hip hop, “ass,” “hand” and “head” all get lots of airtime (around 20%).
  • However, breasts lag by a factor of ten behind “lips,” “mouth,” “pussy,” “chest,” “dick,” “legs” and “neck,” all of which hover around the 6% mark.
  • Hip hop wins the total body parts/song, with folk music coming in second.

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