African Condom Ad: (Is THAT What They Say About Umbrellas?)

This ad for Trust condoms, in which an umbrella becomes an unlikely prop, is one of the most amazing things I’ve seen in advertising. I am flabbered. I am gasted. I am gasterflabbed. It manages to be neo-Victorian, woman-friendly, surreal, empowering for everybody concerned, funny, safe, and unbelievably graphic.

Some info: The Trust condom campaign is, from what I gather, marketed by Popular Services International. From their website:

PSI/Kenya was founded in 1990 to socially market condoms and has since expanded to include programs for malaria, reproductive health, HIV/AIDs and child survival. More than 230 employees and nearly 60 temporary staff members work to improve health conditions for Kenyans in seven out of the eight provinces. PSI has built a network of more than 5,000 commercial partners that help enable low-income and vulnerable Kenyans to lead healthier lives.

The name “Trust” seems to derive from the claim that many young couples who did use condoms stopped three months or so into the relationship as a way of demonstrating trust. (Something like what the horrified media says teens do with sexting.) I’m wary of that urban legendish account, but hey, the name’s smart regardless. Compared to our Trojans and Magnums it’s downright friendly.

2 Responses to African Condom Ad: (Is THAT What They Say About Umbrellas?)

  1. Louise says:

    That’s just marvellous! My cheeks are hurting from smiling. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Ms B U-S says:

    That is AMAZING! The problem of men making a big deal about condoms is not, of course, limited to Africa… I like how the size of the condom in the ad is supposed to make it more palatable, as though there are guys (I bet there are) who say things like, “Condoms are just too SMALL for me” as a macho thing; is size an issue in Africa? Great post Millicent.

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