The Offices

Dear Millicent,

Looks like Ricky Gervais will appear as David Brent on the American Office.  I am not excited, unless Gervais and Merchant write the script, and even then, am still hesitant.  Do I want to see where Brent is all these years later? Almost—-but I like his eternal limbo of having a good date and telling Finchy to fuck off.  He could happily stay there, and the British Office can always float miles above it’s American counterpart, and I would never complain.  Plus, if the two mix, it means that they recognize each other, and we have to admit they both exist in the same universe (which the Onion nicely realizes, here).  I’m afraid it’s a cheap trick and not a power match.  The bar is so high here, and the fall would be hard to watch.

I wish it were Gareth instead.



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