The Big Questions, by Google

Dear Millicent,

If the internet is the installed ratking of our collective brain, then Google is our biographer. Here’s a look at how Google finishes basic word searches—-so really, how the Royal We most often searches and what we are searching for. I assume these lists are based on the most commonly searched phrases. If they are produced randomly, they are still disconcerting.  Here are a few examples that show (like Chatroulette) that our mass urges and questions are simple, and often unflattering:

If we look to Google to see what mysteries are attempted to be solved about men and women, it seems that men are cheating, horny, and thinking about breasts:

And women are cheating  mysteries of anatomy, often attracted to bad boys.

I like the How To section the most—-It could be an Onion statshot: “what are we trying to do this week?”

Looks like a very strong high school curriculum to me.




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