I’m Checking Out

Dear friend,

I have a letter to you I started after watching Julie and Julia that I can’t mail just yet, but it’s about living rooms and pickles and corsets.  Until I finish it, I think you should know that I’m deep in Meryl awe. It’s been said before, too many times, but my God, what can this woman not do?

On the subject of mothers and daughters and grandmothers: I was flipping around Netflix for something to watch while I cleaned. (It’s the hard cleaning with abrasive powders that get old oil off of things. I’d forgotten how much muscle this kind of cleaning takes.) Anyway, I found Postcards from the Edge, based on Carrie Fisher’s book about her fights with addiction and Debbie Reynolds. And this little number, which mixes the awesomeness of Meryl with Shel Silverstein to my everlasting joy. I give you “I’m Checking Out”:




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