Gowns in The Wild: The Ones That Got Away

We do love women running in white poof:

Is it because:

  • Deep in our hearts we think panic equals truth?
  • That women are free if they don’t do what their formal wear is expecting them to?
  • That true love outs when in face of an altar?
  • That satin looks good in the wind?
  • Fleeing in the face of commitment is a universal fantasy and proof of destiny?
  • That it’s just plain old melodramatic and the stuff of a good story that plays to the balconies?

**Also, some of these pictured dames are running towards their beloved, or accidentally floating away post nuptial, but the image is way better than a fella in a tux trucking it, or a dame in jeans among the clouds, no? I distinctly remember when I was 7, seeing a bride order a meal at McDonalds, all alone.  It seemed like the coolest thing to happen to anybody.

Any other ones you can think of?

I dearly love the image of Caroline Todd with her fur jacket, purple feathers, and balloons.  It matches her strange gait, and the oddness that she has just married a dying man, and yet, well, this is where the story ends.   How does such a a show pull it all off?



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