Eugenics Review Series: the US was “a dumping ground”

From the 1915 Eugenics Review (Vol. 7) (which, by the by, is British):

The attempt to improve human stocks of all kinds during recent years has taken form, so far as it relates to immigration in preventing unfit persons from coming into the country, either by being born into it or by being brought into it by immigration. In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries Europe attempted to improve its racial stocks by the deportation of the less desirable individuals. Each country had its penal colonies, and in addition used the United States as a dumping ground.

At the present day immigrants enter the United States at 88 different places, and the number of immigrants examined ranges from one a year at the port of Aguadilla, P.R., to 1,009,000 at the port of New York. During the fiscal year ended June, 1914, the total number landed was 1,485,957. Of this number 41,250 were certified as unfit, including 3,051 for trachoma, 1,040 for syphilis, and 1,360 for mental deficiency.


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