My joke came true and I want to weep.

Remember when I made a sad joke about how we marginalize and exoticize schizophrenia? I’ll remind you: I oh-so-hilariously named the phenomenon of gender-based descriptions of insanity “Madwomen in the Attic, Madmen in the Garage.”

Here’s how The Modesty Survey came to be:

The Modesty Survey began when two girls on The Rebelution Forums separately suggested an anonymous discussion on modesty between members of the Guys Only forum (The Garage) and members of the Girls Only forum (The Attic).

I’m just … I am reeling. My jaw, it’s in the basement.  Did they actually call the Girls Only forum The Attic? After Gilbert and Gubar’s book on how female characters are constantly forced into a false dichotomy?

It can’t be. Right? Is there some attic reference I don’t know about?  Maybe it’s a spoof of V.C. Andrews’ Flowers in the Attic? (Not that that’s any better?)

Also, in the name of all that’s holy (and I mean that in its most sober sense), can we all just live inside the house?

A snippet from the Wikipedia entry on Gilbert and Gubar’s book:

In the work, Gilbert and Gubar examine the notion that women writers of the 19th Century were confined in their writing to make their female characters either embody the “angel” or the “monster.” This struggle stemmed from male writers’ tendencies to categorize female characters as either pure, angelic women, or rebellious, unkempt madwomen.

From female characters to female humans is a frightfully easy step. Observe:

Many girls seem oblivious to the destructive effects of immodest attire on their brothers in Christ. Others desire to honor God and to protect their brothers, but don’t know where to start.

So many good intentions, so many real questions about how to be a good and decent person, boiled down to exactly two options: You can be modest and protective (hello angel!), or you can be immodest and destructive (stand back, madwoman!). The only thing you cannot be is “oblivious” to the “destructive effects” you’re causing.

Join the Rebolution, young Christian ladies! Rebel by signing up to have the boys tell you what to do! (You may find this feels sort of familiar, like riding a bicycle or shampooing your hair. Don’t worry about it. Just lather, rinse and, above all else, repeat.)

As for me, you’ll find me in the attic, where I’ll be washing my hair and tearing it.



One Response to My joke came true and I want to weep.

  1. Carla Fran says:

    Your jaw’s in the basement…hmmm…do we have basements? I think we have been assigned the crawlspace. Yes, you will have to remove your jaw from basement, unless it has a masculine jib to its jab. By the way, INSANE. The internet will one day prove that all of humanity is psychic. And problemed (except us, cuz we are right).

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