Life Lessons Learned from Celebrity Oeuvres

1.) George Clooney= You can’t easily retire from life as a spy, CIA ghoul, or well-informed fixer.  And, being alone is not the right choice. You are supposed to say yes to life, beautiful women, and forgive yourself for your mired past.

2.) Tilda Swinton= Good living involves sleeping with who you want, when you want. And admitting that perspiration is a human condition.

3.) Julia Roberts= Transformation is always possible, and well timed.

4.) Leonardo DiCaprio=You can still be smart, even if you’re from the streets.

5.) Meg Ryan=The anti-Roberts. You don’t have to be transformed to find true love. You just have to find a person with the right lens to see you through.

6.) Helen Bonham-Carter and Bernadette Peters= All women are on the verge of abandon. Steely uncorseted, sacrificial abandon.

7.) Julian Sands=Arrogance is beneficial.

8.) Will Smith= A fair sense of immortality.

9.) Cameron Diaz=Shaggy haircuts don’t get stuck in your lipgloss, ever.

10.) Jennifer Anniston=disgruntlement is alluring.

11.) Tom Cruise= You can pretty much get away with everything, every time.


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