Big Time Love City Land

Beard Papa. Blog posts where people say something that I couldn’t choke out, and now get to see how they do it with grace.  NPR Valentines. Flowering kale. Sparklenails. People who know their shit. People who know their shit and don’t stop talking.  The dress sleeves of Downton Abbey. Construction paper, because you are thus officially constructing. Hot water, pretty much the best thing ever invented. Embarrassing inspirational quotes that end up actually inspiring you. When good things happen to nice people. Nurse-midwives. Midwives. Obstetricians who mean it when they say they want their patients to be empowered. Men who want to date female lawyers. The library hold shelf. People who make something just cuz and then we all go crazy because it’s so good. The fact that humans tend to keep records. Asking people if they’re gonna have love hangovers tomorrow. Conversations with people who live in places I don’t. Just Dance 2. Old novels from the forties that have been in the library all along. Floral patterns. The Scissor Sisters. People my age who make me reassess what people my age can do. Moments when people realize what they didn’t see. Lists that aren’t sheepish about being lists and not much else. Valentines like this where you can’t imagine what the recipient thought upon opening:

And grimacing fruit, of course.
So, there’s that.



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