New Crush: Karen Kilgariff

Oh, yeah. And she’s the older sister on The Book Group. 



4 Responses to New Crush: Karen Kilgariff

  1. Millicent says:

    Oh, yes. Yes yes yes.

  2. brettany says:

    And she’s been on WTF only I didn’t know it because it was a live episode and I am a lame listener. But no longer. Just a few minutes from now I will listen to the woman who’s wisely cautioned us that the only way we can buy milk at Sunset Junction is if we buy a Virgin of Guadalupe candle and pray for it. Spectacular.

    • Millicent says:

      I didn’t even know WTF existed, that’s how lame a listener I am! WTF! Off to hunt for archives.

      • Carla Fran says:

        And it just got picked up by WNYC, so WTF archives will be even easier to find very very soon.

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