Horrible Bosses in 6 Thoughts

Questions as they appeared in my head, back to front, while watching:

  1. How I wish we could deal with rape culture and sexual harassment as if it were only a set of “crazy bitches” that simply needed to be blackmailed to stop. Not to get too serious about such a light movie, but the scene where Charlie Day conquers and frees himself from Jennifer Anniston’s sexual attacks had a sour tone.  Before this scene, his spot as a victim of extreme harassment was more or less fair, especially as he struggled to get his friends to understand the gravity of the attacks. Interestingly, he had to be “pure” in the movie (a dedicated fiance) to truly suffer. If Sudeikis’ character (dude slut) had been under this kind of workplace harassment, there would be no issue.  Rape is also a joke throughout that the men use an assessment of their own egos. Sudeikis and Bateman argue over who would be more likely to get raped in jail, assuming it has to do with good looks. Tellingly, it is Day who mentions that rape is about power and vulnerability, not looks.  Yet, when he frees himself from his future rapist, it is not a sweet justice. Instead of rage at a system that has trapped him in his job, or a predator that has made his life hell, he simply puts the arrogant, lusty woman in her place and calls her “crazy.” We get the sense that Anniston is bad not because she is inappropriate, but because she dared to assert power (criminally and sexually) over a nice white guy. And the nice white guy, of course, sets her straight, and ends up with more power than her. The glee isn’t that the harassment is over. It’s that Anniston has been castrated back to her proper place.
  2. How nice it must be for these put upon characters to deal with their problems with money and justice more or less on their side. Ultimately, it is fate and privilege (it’s own fate) that save them. The OnStar system (the much put upon “Gregory”) as key witness, assuring us that capitalism really does ensure a fine justice for the middle class.
  3. The movie does a nice job of mocking most of this privilege, especially with the OnStar system and the character’s initial interest in learning “Gregory’s” real name, and then forgetting it immediately. Their fear of Jamie Foxx leans this way as well.
  4.  I think Sudeikis is the standard bearer for movies that gather reviews like you have collaged in  your review.
  5. Charlie Day could carry a movie. He’s a possible Jack Black.
  6. I think Anniston might have professionally trumped Jolie in the long run. Anniston can still work, whereas when Jolie is her own eclipse. I wouldn’t go to see a movie with Jolie in it because I would only be thinking “Jolie, Jolie, Jolie.” Anniston still seems to be made of flesh and blood (all very tan, of course). But, of course, can you trump an eclipse?

2 Responses to Horrible Bosses in 6 Thoughts

  1. Genevieve says:

    I found your blog seeking commentary on Summer Eve’s Hail to the V campaign and boy am I glad that did. This blog is spritely, humorous and very witty! You go ladies.

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